Clifton Brantley, MA, LMFT

It was at a funeral where I asked myself the question, "What am I here for? Who's life will I have impacted when I am gone other than my children?" That put me on a quest to discover my purpose. The late Dr. Michael P. Williams told me to find the "work" I would do for free. 

Not long after that conversation, I was talking to someone on the phone about their relationship. I was not a therapist, had never thought of being a therapist nor had I ever even been to therapy. But it was in that conversation that I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the work I am to do on the planet. 

Ever since that Wednesday night I have been committed to helping couples do love and life better by helping each partner to do love and life better. I have the privilege of being paid for what I love to do so it never feels like work.

My Approach

My approach to coaching and therapy are the same. I call it "Reality Coaching." The reason I call it reality coaching is because I relate well with my clients they say, "Clifton is just real!" I truly care about my clients and their emotional health. If you are wanting to take your life and relationships to the next level, let's connect and see how we can bring that to past.


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