Injury Timeout - Come See About Me

Dec 02, 2019

Last night I was watching the Texans game. We finally beat the Patriots!! It was a really good game. We even threw in a trick play. At one point during the game, one of our players got hurt. I can’t remember who it was but he was laying on the field injured. When the “people who respond to injuries” saw him, they ran out on the field to help. When they came over I noticed that he let them help him. He did not push them away. This got me to thinking about how we should respond to injuries in our marriages.

When we are injured in our relationship the normal tendency is to put a wall up, withdraw and isolate from our mate. I want to encourage you to welcome your mate’s comfort when you are injured. This is especially true when they are the one who injured you. You have to let them tend to you.

When your partner is injured, you should run to them (come close to them) and find out what is hurting and how you can help. Now, this does not mean start asking a lot of questions. But it does mean that your number one objective is to comfort. When I say, “run to them,” the idea is that you come quickly as if they are a priority to you because they should be. When your mate is injured, nothing else is more important than you comforting them.

You may be thinking that this is extreme and wondering why does it take all of that? The truth is, it is not extreme when you have the mindset that your marriage is the most important thing in your life and having an injured partner hurts the marriage. Too often we treat our mates as if they are an option until the threat of losing them arises. Make it a habit of being attentive to their needs and always be ready to run on the field of life and see about your injured partner.

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