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Your quality of life will always correlate to your quality of relationships. Most of people have never learned how to have healthy relationships. It is the reason why you have some of your parent's traits when you said you would never be like them. The truth is, if you learn it wrong you will live it wrong. My main goal is to help you do love and life better by giving you guidance and insight. Guidance on your path of self-discovery and insight into your authentic self. 

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We are born males, but we must BECOME men. Becoming a man is not an automatic process and it is not a result of getting older. I realized when I was 31 that I had no idea what I was doing or what it meant to be a man. I learned that although I was chronologically an adult I still needed to become a man. Now that I have matured into a real man, I want to help other men who may be struggling in silence as I was. I believe in the concept of "each one teach one," so I want to do my part. If you would like to watch the video series you can click the link below.


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