You Really Can Experience 
'Happily Ever After'


Marriage can be hard! But the real questions is, "Who Taught You How To Do Marriage?" When it comes to love and life, if you learn it wrong you will live it wrong.

Sometimes it can feel as if you married the wrong person. I know it felt that way to me...until I learned the skills that I now have taught hundreds of couples.

I understand the frustration, anger, and hopelessness that can sometimes feel overwhelming.  This is not what you were hoping for when you said "I do."

Divorce is not the only option to keep your sanity. I help people like you take their marriage from surviving to thriving by teaching the necessary relational skills no one ever told us we needed!

Let me help you turn your marriage around before you give up.




Relationship / Marriage Coaching

You cannot get life right if you get relationships wrong. The reason you need a coach is because you don't know what you don't know. The reason you need me as a coach is because you did not land on this page by accident!


Create a Deeper Connection

The reason you struggle in your relationship is not because of what happens in the relationship. It is because of how you handle what happens. I created this blog to give you helpful insight about love and life to help you go from 'surviving to thriving.'


Marriage Master Class

The core product I use to help couples radically change their marriage is the "Happily Ever After" Marriage Master Class. This the most effective way I have found to help couples create great marriages. The marriage class is more cost effective and you get better results.


Real Success Stories...

Yonnie Lewis

At a critical stage in our marriage, Clifton was a Godsend! He was able to show us how we each contributed to not getting our needs met in the relationship. Clifton was wise and strategic in selecting tools that were challenging, yet guiding us toward the marriage we desire. He is a good listener and has an uncanny ability to hear or see what you’re not saying. So, we highly recommend Clifton Brantley for marriage counseling!!!

D. Elliott

I can't say enough great things about Clifton. My husband & I have been to a few counselors in the past and have been disappointed. Clifton doesn't just listen, he offers real help & advice we can use to better our marriage. He not only helped our marriage but he helped me begin to deal with a past child hood trauma I've been ignoring for far too long. I highly recommend Clifton to anyone seeking help with individual or family issues. He has been a blessing to us. You will not be disappointed!

Brittani Lee

To say this man is a life saver wouldn't be enough... Not only did he help us through situations in our past, but he taught us techniques to make sure the future would go as smooth as possible.. From the books he recommended and walked us the couples sessions that got heated and down to the root of the problem.. Every part of our experience with Clifton has been super helpful and eye opening. I would highly recommend him to every couple.

Brittany Trayham

Clifton has been amazing!! He’s helped my husband and I greatly improve our communication and how we interact and resolve our issues. He also focuses on the whole family during couples therapy and how to find a balance. He gives tips on how to keep your marriage as the center of focus while raising young children which is a huge plus!! Highly recommend his services!!

Terra Walker

Clifton Brantley has far exceeded my expectation for couples therapy. Clifton is professional, always on time, his communication within our seasons is clear and tailored for us. Our therapy sessions have made a significant difference in our marriage. I would highly recommend A Better Family Now to anyone looking for real results from therapy.

Noku Dlamini

This is my first time investing in my mental and emotional health. I wish I could’ve made the decision sooner because Clifton was able to unravel (we are still unraveling) years of false beliefs in my head about me and how all of that is behind most of the decisions I’ve made. My vocabulary is limited so all I can say is THANK YOU Clifton! You are truly God sent.

A Podcast To Help You Do Love & Life Better

Who taught you how to do marriage? Who taught you how to raise a child? Who taught you how to treat a husband? 

I created this podcast because I want to give you the help I never got. You can learn from what I have been through and create the life you want.


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